Services are those tasks or services a particular service provider can perform or offer based on their professional skills in their business field. As a user, you can access the posted services in the browse services section.

Appointments assist in scheduling the time and day when a particular service can be delivered or when needed. A service provider can set up a service to be accessible through appointment only. As such a client in need of the service will be required to book for the same through the simple steps provided.

We ensure that parties transact on niajiri safely by using the Niajiri Escrow System. This system ensures that once parties agree on the amount to be paid for the project, the user deposits the same in the escrow account. The amount shall only be accessible once the project is completed to the satisfaction of the user. Parties are at liberty to engage in arbitration when disagreement ensues thus ensuring maximum protection for both.

Further to the application of the Niajiri Escrow System as indicated above, we ensure that a service provider does not engage in any job without first the user depositing the money as agreed by the parties. Once a service provider has completed his/her/its job, they will indicate the job as complete. Upon verification by the user, the user will be prompted to release the funds to the Service provider. The money deposited cannot be returned to the user unless agreed by both parties or on resolution by arbitration. The amount released shall be accessible by the service provider through their wallet in their dashboard.

Niajiri works to ensure ease of transaction and satisfaction for both the user and the provider. As such our policy dictates that the payment of a particular product shall be released to the provider on confirmation that the user is satisfied with the product. However, we have provided means and platforms to ensure smooth dispute resolution should differences occur in any transaction.